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Retail / Wholesale

Are you interested in becoming one of our retail or rental partners?  Are you a business or institution interested in selling or renting paddleboards? Are you a yoga studio, a summer resort, a hotel, a school looking to offer unique outdoor pursuits and education, a tour company, a summer camp, a community league, a municipality? The possibilities are endless. There are so many ways to generate excellent income and build a profitable business with our robust line of paddleboards and complete packages. We offer a competitive volume pricing structure and support with opportunity for excellent returns. We also offer linkbacks and website marketing assistance to our partners including rental companies. Contact us for our retail/wholesale* pricing options.  

*5 board minimum order



Let Us Help you Set up a Rental Fleet


Rental fleets are the perfect small business.  What could be easier than spending the summer at the lake, recouping your investment in as little as 2 weeks?  Its as easy as having a location near a lake, river, resort area, or ocean, an inexpensive business license, a cell phone credit card reader, some signage, insurance and a fleet of our iSUP's.  .  


iSUPs are perfect for rental fleets because they are extremely durable compared to EPS/Epoxy boards and will last many seasons. Most importantly, they are easily transportable by customers without car surfboard racks (which is most of them). Renting is as easy as handing a customer a duffel bag and they're off! Every smart fleet out there is seeing the value and versatility of using iSUP boards. Your customers can hike them into their favorite swimming hole without worrying about hitting trees.


iSUPs are a durable, high-performance paddle board. No more dings, dents, or constant repairs. You can literally whack these boards with a hammer and it will just bounce! You won't have to replace your hard boards every year and you will get more seasons out of them! On average our rental customers are getting 3? 4? 5? 6? seasons ... well... let's just say we don't get much repeat business. Our boards are lasting well into the life of the business which means more profit and less time spent maintaining your fleet. 


We recommend all rental fleets go with our 6" Blue Lotus for the majority of their rental fleet due to the higher weight rating which will open your doors to all sizes and shapes of clients. Our Blue Lotus is one of the most stable boards on the market and perfect for new riders and seasoned veterans alike.  

Our Wayfinder is the ultimate touring board and perfect for your more discerning customer looking for a higher performing ride. A typical rental fleet is a 4:1 ratio of Blue Lotus 6" to Wayfinders. This mix covers most applications that you may get a request for. 


In 3-5 years, we believe most SUP rental fleets will be using iSUPs because of the numerous benefits they have over traditional epoxy hard boards, which are frankly quite fragile and thus rental operators have had to replace them yearly.


SUP rental rates vary from place to place, but because it's the fastest growing watersport in North America right now, most companies can't keep them on the shelf. Here are typical rates are in markets where there is a lot of competition. 


*Depending on your location


- $15-$20 per hour


- $45-$50 for a half day


- $45-$80 for a full day


- $150-$300 per week


Contact us us for volume discount pricing to help get your iSUP rental fleet up and running today!









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