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We are a company that believes in helping people find their paradise on and around the water. In the winter of 2014 while sitting on a beach in Hawaii, we had a dream to create paddleboards that blend the Canadian qualities of innovation, spaciousness and adventure together with the Hawaiian qualities of aloha and relaxation. We wanted a paddleboard that easily allowed us to pursue our passion on any body of water available in our breathtaking, vast country with zero compromises on quality. We believe we have succeeded in creating a line of paddleboards that allow people to connect with both nature and their loved ones on the water.


The company was named after a little peaceful village with a zest for fully living life. Anahola is the location of an ancient surfing area on the island of Kauai’i known for its stunning landscape and its feeling of paradise. We believe we have captured the beauty of this ancient place in our board’s esthetics and handling. And while we love to escape to Hawaii, we truly wanted a board designed for the vastness and diversity of Canadian bodies of water. In Canada most of us don’t live on or within walking distance to the water, so we designed a board that could easily transported in multiple quantities to the bodies of water we love to find our bliss on and packed complete with all of the accessories.


Located just outside Edmonton, we are Alberta's 1st inflatable paddleboard designer. We specialize in custom paddleboards designed with quality, functionality and innovation in mind. 



Aloha Eh!






President ~ Anahola Board Co. 





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